"When we are able to truly make sense of a child in a context of compassion, we will discover within ourselves a dance that corresponds." - Gordon Neufeld

Inside The Collective, I am going to teach you exactly what your child's behaviours mean so that you can hear what your child is trying to communicate to you. It is that knowledge that gives you the natural power to parent without bribes and consequences.

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I'm not here to give you a step by step plan to raise your child. That doesn't work. But when you start to understand all of the pieces that go together, you can see what needs more attention in your own child's unique situation. This means that you get to be the answer to your child's problems that arise. It gives you back the power to parent.

The Raising Humans Collective is an online membership program that will offer you :

  • Answers

    Access a database of "what to do" videos with step by step ideas and phrases to use during those tricky toddler situations. You choose the scenarios!

  • Experience

    Fortnightly Q and As will give you insight into the ideas and strategies that I (Ashleigh, a family psychologist) bring to the respectful parenting space.

  • Community

    Tap into the collective knowledge and experience of a community of parents with similar values. Ask questions, collaborate and learn from your peers who you know are on the same path as you.

  • Wisdom

    Bite size workshops will be released each month that allow you to dive deeper into each topic so you can gain more knowledge and understanding. No worksheets, no commitment - just 10 minute chunks of wisdom you can listen to on the run.

You don't have to tackle this alone!

I have handpicked the best ideas, resources and teachings to help you embrace motherhood - all in one approachable online space. I will take you from confused and unsure to confident and in the lead.

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The Raising Humans Collective :

  • Is not about perfection

  • is not about being a zen master

  • is not filled with "tricks"

  • is about recognising that your relationship with your child can fuel your own growth

  • is about accepting your humanness and learning what is in your sphere of influence

  • is about learning how to focus on the causes not the symptoms

  • is about diving into the deep work that truely benefits you and your family for years to come

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Special Bonus

  • "Beneath the Tantrum" Course

    All members get access to my signature course "Beneath the Tantrum", which will teach you all about the neuroscience behind tantrums and the best way to move them into an emotional release. This will have your child back in balance and you feeling like a confident superstar parent in no time! This course also outlines the long term impacts of punishments and rewards and step by step ideas of what to do instead.

"Beneath the Tantrum" Course Testimonials

"It was a completely profound shift. My husband noticed the peace and calm, and it inspired him to also take a listen to the videos and discuss the material together. And although I noticed that my new knowledge would be an ongoing practice, I was able to identify triggers and exercise control over my reactions in order to avoid causing situations to escalate."

"Beneath the Tantrum" Course Testimonials

"Thank you so much!! I am loving this course so so much. And yesterday, after an atypical frustrating day, my husband actually asked why our daughter was behaving the way she was and what he could do (which has not happened before) and listened for an hour as we talked about the course! And he was genuinely interested and appreciative! This is a miracle!! Thank you so much. You are helping our family so much. I am so grateful to you."

"Beneath the Tantrum" Course Testimonials

"My 3 year old daughter will now sometimes realise when she is dysregulated and will ask me to sit with her to breath or snuggle. When I feel that she's not cooperating I ask myself what does she need instead of snapping and it's just beautiful how as soon as the need is met she is back to her cooperative self."

"Beneath the Tantrum" Course Testimonials

"So much improvement in my relationship with my kids has occurred since starting the course, we are all much more regulated, connected and peaceful."

"Beneath the Tantrum" Course Testimonials

"Considering the profound element of sub-conscious reprogramming really hits home for me, and makes me feel inspired to look more deeply at our home environment and patterns of behaviour present. To work on actively passing down wisdom, not wounds, to my son. Thank you for sharing!"

Hi, I'm Ashleigh

I started as a family psychologist over a decade ago and since then have grown into the role of mother, wife, teacher, gentle parenting advocate and a support person for those on their healing journey - or as my husband likes to say - a modern day witch (don’t panic that's definitely positive!) I am the creator of Raising Humans Kind, an instagram community with over 50,000 members and I work with families in my online psychology practice who want to embark on a more conscious parenting journey. In my work, I see parents from all over the world with the same issues and the same questions. So I knew there needed to be a space that answered your - "but what do I do when" questions, that also dove deep into the "whys" of conscious relationship AND a place where you could access the community of parents you always wanted. This is how The Collective was born. I don't ever pretend to promise that parenting will be easy, it's not meant to be easy, but I do promise that it can be inspiring, fulfilling and powerful.

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The Raising Humans Collective Membership requires no commitment - it's absolutely no strings attached. You can hang out with us for one month or stick around and embed yourself amongst this group of strong women as we grow. Cancelling is as easy as 2 clicks of a button.

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"Beneath every behaviour is a feeling. And beneath each feeling is a need. And when we meet that need rather than focus on the behaviour, we begin to deal with the cause not the symptom.

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